The British Council has been selected to deliver a two-year project on behalf of the Asian Development Bank to improve learning and vocational skills in the state of Meghalaya, north-east India.

The project, which launched in April 2014, will focus on the quality, delivery and access to secondary and higher secondary school education and will deliver technical and vocational skills training in Meghalaya.

The US$1.59 million of project funding comes from the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction and is the first Asian Development Bank technical assistance grant under the theme of education in India.

The youth in Meghalaya make up 35 per cent of the state population, but are unable to compete for jobs because of weaknesses in the state secondary and higher education systems and skills development programmes. 

The dropout rate at the secondary level is also high because of poor learning environment in schools and an overall disconnect with the state’s skills development and vocational training programme.

Through the project we will help to develop an environment capable of promoting human capital development through improved learning at the secondary and higher secondary levels and employment-linked skills training.

This will happen through incentivising reforms in teaching and learning methods, supporting the training of 3,500 teachers, creating a better learning environment for 20,000 poor students (40 per cent of whom are girls), and enabling the private and public sectors to provide quality skills training to around 60,000 youth (40 per cent of whom are women).