Amidst the ongoing crisis in Syria, the Higher and Further Education Opportunities and Perspectives for Syrians (HOPES) project gives young people in the country an opportunity to feel empowered about their future and build their own career paths by addressing their direct educational needs.

Launched in April 2016, HOPES will run for three and a half years and is managed by the British Council along with lead partner German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Campus France and EP-Nuffic.

As well as enhancing prospects for young Syrians through increased participation and better access to education, the project also aims to support preparation for the country’s post-crisis reconstruction and young people in host communities affected by high influxes of refugees. Now underway across the Middle-East and North African region, it encompasses a wide range of educational offers to refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. These include language classes, academic counselling, scholarships and short higher education courses.

In Egypt and Jordan, teacher training has already begun, with training in Lebanon and Turkey imminent. Agreements have also been reached with partner universities in all the countries involved and counselling services launched in Iraq. 

In addition to the above, work is underway to develop innovative education offers through local providers, alongside stakeholder dialogue and engagement, to exchange good practice, coordinate interventions and assure effectiveness.

Initially, education courses will focus on lower-level language ability. Learning will incorporate both textbook and classroom materials and will be supplemented by workshops on specific skills for Syrian students, such as how to write university applications and interview techniques.

HOPES is financed by the European Union’s Regional Trust Fund, with a total value of just under €12 million.


October 2016