Mariam Madhat

Working across four areas in Iraq, the British Council has won a contract worth over 2 million USD to implement a new multi-dimensional national technical and vocational education and training (TVET) reform programme.

Funded by the European Union, the British Council will work closely with UNESCO to deliver the project alongside key stakeholders in Iraq including the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHESR).

This particular project contributes to the larger TVET reform project for Iraq. It aims to improve the capacities and competencies of TVET stakeholders by developing and delivering leadership and teacher training programmes to teaching staff at varying levels in the sector in both Iraq and the Kurdistan region of Iraq (KR-I). This includes:

  • 100 management staff across TVET institutions and relevant Ministries
  • 120 master trainers including senior teachers, trainers and instructors
  • 1080 TVET teachers and instructors. 

The purpose of the project will be to strengthen the institutional and human capacity of the TVET sector to deliver a high quality, relevant and coherent vocational and technical education and training system that directly responds to the needs of the labour market.

Ultimately, the aim is that this will result in better skilled and more employable graduates. The project, therefore, expects to:

  • secure full engagement and participation from stakeholders
  • identify the training needs of TVET leaders, trainers and instructors
  • support TVET teacher training institutions
  • build leaderships skills amongst 100 participants from TVET institutions, including principals, deans and senior officials.

The project will also deliver a new in-service training programme for TVET teachers and instructors, which it hopes to design and successfully pilot across Iraq and KR-I.

Commencing on 17 August 2016, the project will last for 18 months until 31 January 2018.


Mariam Madhat


October 2016