Ahmad Nadeem

In December 2016, the European Union awarded a €14.7 million programme to the British Council to improve the quality and equality of the primary and secondary education systems in Iraq. The aim will be to concentrate on capacity building at school, district, provincial and Ministry levels.

The British Council was selected to deliver the programme based on our previous experience of implementing programmes to raise the quality of school education in the region and in the country.

Due to commence on 1 February 2017, the focus will be on increasing enrolment in schools, particularly amongst underrepresented groups such as girls, children with additional needs and those in rural areas, thus tackling inequality.

The programme will also address the need to enhance quality with greater local accountability, building on the developments already delivered during the previous British Council ‘Improving the Quality of Education in Iraq’ programme.

To summarise, the objectives of this new programme are to:

  • increase school enrolment rates
  • raise the overall quality of education at primary and secondary school levels
  • increase access to education for children with disabilities and enhance support for those with particular needs
  • raise the quality of education through better quality assurance of schools against standards.

Further action will also be taken to tackle certain areas of the curriculum, available training, and student assistance.  

This will be an ambitious programme, and one of the first tasks during the planning stage will be to agree with Government of Iraq stakeholders which governorates and districts should be focused on in order to maximise the impact of the proposed improvements.


February 2017