Sindh Education Sector Support , Pakistan

Warrick Page

The British Council is the lead partner in the delivery of The Sindh Education Sector Support Project in Pakistan. Funded by the EU, the project supports the Government of Sindh with the ongoing development of the province’s education sector. 

The British Council, as part of a consortium of four partners, provides technical assistance to support the government in improving its management and service delivery within the sector.

In November 2015, the EU agreed to a four month extension, increasing the term from 36 to 40 months. It will now finish on 17 August 2016.

The extension is intended to help meet the technical assistance objectives of the project and will enable the British Council to build upon the successes of the project so far. 

The expected outputs are to establish an approved education sector policy and plan, implement a school consolidation plan, and improve overall education service delivery in the province.

The extension also puts the British Council in a strong position to adopt any potential legacy projects in the region and consolidates our strong track record of development work in Pakistan.