British Council

In December 2016, the British Council was awarded two new contracts by the EU, worth a cumulative total of €26.75 million.

Nepal Practical Partnership for Technical Education and Vocational Training Reform 

The overall objective of this programme is to contribute to Nepal’s inclusive and sustainable growth by investing in human capital and creating better employment opportunities.

The programme will improve access to relevance and quality within the Technical and Vocational Education and Training sector through practical partnerships between the public and private sector. It will deliver systemic level impact via sector reform, capacity building and institutional strengthening.

This new programme will also seek to enhance the influence and position of the UK within Nepal, as well as make a positive contribution to the people of Nepal, by providing positive opportunities for young people to develop new skills and find routes to employment.

This contract was awarded with a total value of €14.1 million and will begin in March 2017 for a period of 48 months.

Bangladesh Platforms for Dialogue

The overall objective of this new project is to strengthen democratic ownership and improve accountability mechanisms in Bangladesh to enable more effective public policy-making. 

The project will aim to create an environment that encourages better engagement and participation amongst citizens and civil society in decision-making processes, as well as look to hold government more to account. We will do this by creating a framework for standards and rules of engagement to enable more effective governance. This will be achieved through both interventions with the Government of Bangladesh and also with civil society in its broadest sense.

The project will engage with people from a grassroots, activist level to senior civil servants, to support mutually beneficial collaboration. By developing a new standards framework, we hope to make a positive contribution to the people of Bangladesh, its institutions and also to the government itself.

This contract was awarded with a total value of €12.65 million and will begin in February 2017 for a period of 36 months. 


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February 2017