The UK India Education Research Initiative (UKIERI) launched in April 2006 to enhance educational links between India and the UK, with the potential to deliver substantial, long-term prosperity benefits for both countries.

Recognised as a key multi-stakeholder programme, UKIERI seeks to strengthen relations between the two countries and has successfully facilitated over 1000 UK-India partnerships in education and research so far.

We are pleased to announce that the British Council has been awarded the contract to manage and deliver Phase 3 of the programme from 2016 to 2021, in partnership with Association of Colleges and Universities UK International. Launched in April 2016, the overarching aim for this phase is to build on previous achievements through a more focused and targeted approach.

Working across three strands, Phase 3 will focus on:

  • Leadership and faculty development - develop strategic leadership initiatives to enhance institutional leadership abilities
  • E-partnership and research incubation - develop a jointly-funded research and innovation programme with clear benefits and outcomes for society
  • Integration of skills in education - build high impact and long term partnerships across priority areas of skill development.

In addition to the above, mobility, ICT, Massive Open Online Courses and policy dialogues will underpin all strands across India and the UK for research, skill development programmes, and capacity building. A call for proposals to support newer partnerships to increase engagement, collaboration and joint working will be available for institutions.

Up to this point, UKIERI has successfully facilitated over 25,000 exchanges of academicians, researchers and staff, and over 35 million young people have benefitted through ‘train the trainer’ programmes, creating lifelong links between the two countries.

In an impact assessment undertaken by a third party, clear benefits have emerged from UKIERI partnerships. The programme has created new links between centres of excellence and high quality institutions between both countries and, for 75% of these partnerships, UKIERI was their first international collaboration. It was also recognised that cross-continent knowledge exchange has been beneficial for tackling matters of global concern such as birth defects and sustainability of freight transportation.

UKIERI provides a platform for experts from diverse fields to come together and learn from one another whilst also providing an opportunity for partnerships between the academia and young researchers. UKIERI is focused on all areas of work in education across social and basic sciences, technology, engineering, public policy and capacity building.

Please note that UKIERI receives UK funding from Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British Council, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and Department for Employment and Learning. In addition, funding is received from the following Indian institutions: Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department for Science and Technology, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, University Grants Commission and All India Council for Technical Education. 

For further details about the programme, visit www.ukieri.org.




October 2016