Sierra Leone Women

Aubrey Wade

The British Council has teamed up with a non-governmental organisation in Sierra Leone to deliver a new EU-funded project that will promote and protect the rights of girls, women and their children.

The Strengthening the Rights of Women and Girls in Sierra Leone project focuses on providing legal aid to women and girls who are in conflict with the law, raising gender rights awareness through TV and radio, and offering support for female inmates, including literacy classes.

Legal representation, in particular, is a big problem in rural areas of Sierra Leone, where there are very few lawyers to meet demand. Through the project, paralegals are bridging this gap by providing legal aid services, counselling and information on basic rights. 

Through the project, which is set to run until 2016, we are working with local non-governmental organisation AdvocAid.

Read more about Strengthening the Rights of Women and Girls in Sierra Leone.

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