GOJUST: contributing to inclusive growth in the Philippines

The Philippine Development Plan (2011-2016) identifies good governance as a normative standard of development. Not only is strong governance  necessary for growth and poverty reduction, essential standards of governance also need to be in place for large-scale investment to occur and for social programs to be supported. 

This is the landscape within which this new EU-funded justice sector reform programme in the Philippines has been designed. Through ‘Governance in Justice’ (GOJUST), the British Council will work with communities in the Philippines to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the formal justice system. 

Under GOJUST, the British Council will provide technical expertise to strengthen coordination and policymaking within the justice sector, creating a space to implement reforms by establishing better mechanisms and generating the necessary resources through improved management and capacity within justice bodies.

Working with the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice and the Department of the Interior and Local Government, GOJUST aims to institutionalise the Justice Sector Coordinating Council and establish eight Justice Zones to localise the reform efforts. 

GOJUST comes at an important time for the Philippines, sustaining the gains of its growing economy. It presents a significant window of opportunity to build on recent reform efforts and to share the vision of a new and better system.

The programme runs until 2019 and has a total budget of €3.2 million. 


June 2016