The British Council continue to be active in delivering international development projects worldwide. In the last six months, we have signed contracts on over 25 projects – below is a brief description of a selection of them.

Key to acronyms:

DFID – Department for International Development

FCO – Foreign and Commonwealth Office

HSBC – Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

VAWG – Violence Against Women and Girls

CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

CSSF – Conflict, Stability and Security Fund

M&E – Monitoring and Evaluation

TVET – Technical and Vocational Education and Training

NAGGF – North Africa Good Governance Fund

CSO – Civil Society Organisation


Title: Connecting Classrooms 4 (2018-2021)

Country: Global

Client: DFID

Sector: Schools

Description: Connecting Classrooms is designed to help young people develop the knowledge, skills and values to live and work in a globalised economy, and to contribute responsibly to society, locally and globall


Title: Eco Radio Putumayo

Country: Colombia

Client: Ministry of Education, Colombia 

Sector: Skills; Girls & Women

Description: Eco Radio Putumayo is a skills training programme. With the participation of the UK Sector Skills Council on Tourism, we designed and are currently implementing a 120-hour course focused on eco-tourism, bird watching, entrepreneurship, and English for Tourism for 157 women in Putumayo. As an innovative approach, we have included a transmedia radio strategy which complements face-to-face training. This programme is part of the government’s focus on strengthening rural education and encouraging universities to design flexible models of education which will support and consolidate the peace process.

East Asia

Title: RETC Project - Phase 2c (contract 3) 

Country: Thailand

Client: Ministry of Education, Thailand

Sector: EES

Description: The main objective of the project is to transform English teaching in Thai primary and secondary schools through a series of three-week courses taking place in regional centres.


Title: Teacher training for Nam Dinh DOET 2018

Country: Vietnam

Client: Nam Dinh Provincial Department of Education and Training 

Sector: EES

Description: The objective is to increase the quality of English teaching and learning in schools of Nam Dinh province, promoting British Council as a UK leader in ELT.

EU Europe

Title: Curricular reform in Croatia

Country: Croatia

Client: European Commission

Sector: Schools

Description: The objective of the project is to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Education of Croatia by: 1) Reviewing the new curricula developed over the last two years; 2) Supporting the integration of transversal competencies in the new curricula; 3) Facilitating the implementation of the new curricula through teacher training and piloting in schools.


Title: Iraq UNESCO TVET - extension

Country: Iraq

Client: UNESCO

Sector: Skills

Description: The purpose of the project is to develop and deliver a long-term, comprehensive and coherent capacity-development programme for TVET colleges, vocational schools and institution management teams, relevant government staff, teachers, instructors and trainers.


Title: Technical and Vocational Education and Employment - feasibility study 

Country: Libya

Client: European Commission

Sector: Skills

Description: The main objective is to enhance the availability of qualified human resources based on the demand of the labour market in order to effectively contribute to the socio-economic development of Libya.


Title: English Language Support Programme (ELSP) – part of ‘Teaching for Success’

Country: Tunisia

Client: FCO

Sector: EES

Description: This programme will help consolidate deeper collaboration between the UK and Tunisian governmentsandinstitutions,andwill strengthen the roleoftheUK asaproviderofsolutionsin good governanceand intheteachingand learningofEnglish language acrossTunisia’sprimaryand secondarysystem.


Title: Social Enterprise Northern Morocco (under NAGGF) - extension

Country: Morocco

Client: FCO

Sector: Social Enterprise

Description: The project aims, through social enterprise, to strengthen youth participation in the socio-economic development of the northern region of Morocco.


Title: NAGGF Schools (phase 3) 2018-19 

Country: Algeria

Client: FCO

Sector: Schools; Higher Education

Description: This project focuses on promoting prosperity and economic development through strategic management of employability in Higher Education and through improved classroom practice in schools leading to better learner outcomes. It is a continuation and deepening of activities that have been running since the pilot in October 2016, followed by phase 2 in 2017-18.


Title: Ta'zeez - extension 2 (Ta’zeez means ‘strengthening’ in Arabic)

Country: Yemen

Client: DFID

Sector: Civil Society and Governance

Description: The two main objectives of this project are to improve current DFID programming in Yemen and to ensure greater value for money for the UK tax payer through using evidence collected from Ta'zeez to better inform future business cases and targeting of UK aid. The results will be 3 verification studies examining the breadth of the DFID portfolio, one impact study on the benefit of Ta'zeez work, and a lesson-learning workshop with DFID and other donors.

South Asia

Title: Strengthening reconciliation processes in Sri Lanka

Country: Sri Lanka

Client: European Commission

Sector: Civil Society and Governance

Description: The overall objective is to contribute to strengthening good governance and reconciliation in Sri Lanka. The purpose of the project is for Government, non-government actors and grass-roots organisations to take joint responsibility in addressing key elements of the reconciliation process.


Title: Delhi English Language for Secondary Schools

Country: India

Client: Delhi Government

Sector: EES

Value: £110,000

Length: 24 months

Description: The overall objectives of the project are to develop the spoken English skills and communicative competence of Class 11 and Class 12 students, and to develop the skills and knowledge of the teachers working with the learners.


Title:PROKAS (meaning ‘Promoting Knowledge for Accountable Systems’)

Country: Bangladesh

Client: DFID

Sector: Civil Society and Governance 

Description: The objective of this contract is to build on and scale up the effective management of the PROKAS programme which will fund and support networks and coalitions of civil society organisations to advocate for change on issues of common interest, and initiatives to help the government to improve its own transparency and accountability.


Title: Tejas Scale-up

Country: India

Client: Tata Trust and Government of Maharashtra

Sector: EES; Schools

Description: This project will build on the success of the Tejas pilot. It will strengthen the capacity of local agencies and develop an additional cadre of 50 State Academic Resource Persons (SARPs) and 600 TAG co-ordinators who will plan, manage and conduct training in language proficiency and methodology for primary school English teachers at the block and cluster level.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Title: UKAID International Scholarship Scheme for the Ministry of Finance, Tanzania

Country: Tanzania

Client: DFID

Sector: Skills

Description: This scheme provides opportunities for talented staff from the Ministry of Finance in Tanzania to further their postgraduate education in Finance and Economics at reputable UK Higher Education Institutions. Up to 15 scholarships are available across the three academic years (2018/19 to 2020/21).


Title: Agents for Citizen-driven Transformation (ACT)

Country: Nigeria

Client: European Commission

Sector: Justice

Description: This project will involve us in working with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to enable them to be drivers of change in the country’s development. It will focus on supporting CSOs to have an effective voice in government policy, and mobilising Nigerians – including women and marginalised groups – to participate in grassroots politics and public affairs.


Title: Civil Society Support Programme (CSSP), Phase 2

Country: Ethiopia

Client: DFID

Sector: Civil Society and Governance

Description: CSSP is a capacity development programme designed to support Ethiopia’s civil society and its contribution to the country’s national development, poverty reduction and advancement of good governance in line with the government’s policies and strategies.

CSSP 1 (2011-17) built the capacity of community organisations to deliver basic services to hard-to-reach communities. CSSP 2 will continue and build on the achievements of its predecessor. It enables us to reach our primary audience of youth and next-generation leaders and professionals, with particular emphasis on women, girls and marginalised youth.


Title: English for Security – PEP Ethiopia 

Country: Ethiopia

Client: FCO

Sector: EES

Description: Through the Peacekeeping English Project (PEP) we have worked with ministries in 38 countries to provide high-quality training services and sustainable systems for English language training. Aimed specifically at the military, police and other security forces, the project is about more than teaching English; it continues to develop awareness of global issues, change attitudes and develop professional skills to help deal with conflict prevention and conflict resolution.

Wider Europe

Title: Support to the Supreme Court of Cassation 

Country: Serbia

Client: European Commission

Sector: Justice

Description: The purpose of this contract is to strengthen the capacities of the Supreme Court of Cassation and other courts in ensuring the efficient functioning of courts, in particular with reference to backlog reduction, the Alternative Dispute Resolution system and case law harmonisation.


Title: Support to the Ministry for the Temporarily Occupied Territories (MTOT) – extension

Country: Ukraine

Client: FCO

Sector: Civil Society and Governance; Higher Education

Description: This is an extension of the MTOT project delivered in 2017-18. A new component of the project will be peacebuilding and social cohesion activities at grass-root level, delivered within local communities in government-controlled areas in the east of Ukraine, using the British Council’s tried and tested Active Citizens methodology.


Title: Support to Implementation of National Qualifications Framework in Azerbaijan

Country: Azerbaijan

Client: European Commission

Sector: Skills; Higher Education

Description: The objectives of the project are (1) to support the establishment of the National Qualifications Framework, consistent with the European Qualifications Framework and Quality Assurance system and aligned to EU best practice; (2) to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Education to manage the education policy cycle, with a focus on technical vocational education and training and higher education.


Title: Judicial Efficiency – second extension

Country: Serbia

Client: European Commission

Sector: Justice

Description: The objective of the project is to implement and further develop the judiciary reform strategy, which aims at ensuring independence, efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of the judiciary, and as a result enables better access to justice for the population of Serbia.