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Tim Webster

The British Council’s Pyoe Pin programme has been awarded an A++ rating from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) for the fourth year in a row.

This builds on the previous year’s success where Pyoe Pin was also named winner of the ‘Outstanding International Programme in a Fragile State’ award at the British Expertise Awards 2015.

Funded by DFID and implemented by the British Council, this trailblazing programme promotes inclusive, accountable and fair governance in Myanmar to underpin a more open, prosperous and peaceful society.

Pyoe Pin, which means ‘young shoots’ in the language of Myanmar, implies that from small beginnings big changes are possible, encapsulating the core of what the programme is all about.

Since 2007, Pyoe Pin has supported civil society, the private sector and government to work together in Myanmar to address problems and identify locally-led solutions.

Important political, social and economic transformations in Myanmar since 2011 are now paving the way for a complex path from conflict to peace and also from military rule to democracy.

During this second phase, the programme will partner with 26 formal civil society networks, as well as many more informal networks, to support more than six million beneficiaries.

These coalitions are deepening and sustaining many of the reforms happening across a range of sectors in the economy, natural resource governance and service provision. This includes land, forestry and fisheries, education and health, access to justice, garments, and the extractive industries. It also supports other cross-cutting activities in gender, communications and peace.

By supporting inclusive reform processes, Pyoe Pin aims to enable more people, particularly those at an economic disadvantage, to have a voice and a stake in the decisions that directly affect their lives.

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October 2016