EU Kosovo - Young Cell Scheme

The British-Council-managed Young Cell Scheme programme has received a two-year extension to continue to improve the professional capacity of the civil service in Kosovo.

Through the scheme, graduates are given an opportunity to study postgraduate masters’ programmes in EU universities. Since it began, over 240 grants have been awarded. Students have studied in several universities across the EU, specialising in fields such as Economics, Agricultural Studies, and Law and Politics.

A total of 250 students have completed the scholarships so far, and 85% of these have gone on to work for the Government of Kosovo in institutions such as the Ministry of European Integration, and also in independent authorities, like the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo.

Not only does the scheme ensure the provision of qualified staff to public institutions, a pilot scholarship award will also be launched to develop the expertise and motivation of current civil servants.

The hope is that graduates of the Young Cell Scheme will act as positive ambassadors for the effective EU integration of Kosovo.

Funded by the EU, the project has a total value of €1.5 million.


October 2015