Building the capacity of trainee consultants in Burma

Development Opportunities (DEVOPS) is a professional development programme run by the British Council's office in Burma. It seeks to develop key consulting skills, experience and knowledge for trainee consultants to effectively support social and economic change in Myanmar. The programme is currently in its second year, with trainees selected from a range of sectors including education, justice and rule of law, civil society strengthening and economic development.

In May this year, trainee consultants joined a two-day workshop on Political Economy Analysis (PEA) to learn how to enhance their work through new ways of thinking and working politically. The workshop was supported by staff from British Council Burma, many of whom are mentoring DEVOPS participants this year.

Insights were shared from innovative British Council programmes such as Pyoe Pin, and participants worked together to explore practical examples of applied PEA. This included reflecting on power dynamics across a range of interests, incentives and institutions to support sustainable change. Topics focused on major development priorities for Myanmar: improving education and health services, as well as environmental and migration issues.


June 2016