Ensuring the safety and care of all who engage in our projects is critically important. The British Council takes this responsibility very seriously and provides a range of information and support, both for internal staff, including contractors, consultants, partners and suppliers, as well as for external project beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Such incidents are rare, but if you are working with the British Council, it is important that you access this information, you understand the standards you are required to apply and the support available to you. You also need to know how to direct other people to sources of support and information. 

The following standards are equally applicable to consultants, project staff, contractors, partners and suppliers as well as and British Council staff: 

Code of conduct

The British Council’s Code of Conduct outlines the standards we expect from those who work with us and for us. All staff should receive links to the Code of Conduct in their contract and are expected to have read it as part of their induction 

The Code of Conduct builds upon the British Council’s Policies. These are also readily available on the British Council’s website.


Consultants are required to undertake the same mandatory training as staff, including child protection, counter fraud and equality, diversity and inclusion. Staff can access the training directly via the My Learning portal but consultants will need to request their project manager to have the training modules downloaded for their use.

Whistle blowing

The Raising Concerns (whistle blowing) policy provides explicit guidance regarding the processes for confidentially raising concerns about any malpractice or wrongdoing without fear of victimisation or disadvantage. You should be able to access a copy in your British Council office. 

Advice and Support 

We have specialist units including the Child Protection Unit and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Unit, as well as a dedicated Counter-Fraud team which will provide advice and investigate incidents. Your project manager, or a member of British Council staff can help you access these teams.

We have trained Child Protection focal points at country and Business Unit levels, who act as the first point of contact for all child protection concerns and make sure that all staff, consultants and partners are aware how to raise concerns.

For project beneficiaries and stakeholders:

The British Council’s Policies, including a Complaints Policy are available on the British Council’s website

External stakeholders who have concerns can contact our Customer Services

All staff are also able to escalate any issue or concern on behalf of a stakeholder or beneficiary, by using the guidance provided in the Raising Concerns Policy

External stakeholders should be reassured that raising any such issue within the British Council can be done without fear of victimisation or disadvantage.

Contact us

We hope that this information gives you assurance that the British Council is working to keep safe all those who engage with us.  If you have any further questions, please contact the consultants enquiries and colleagues will direct your query to the correct team or individual.