Pakistan’s parliament

Umer Farooq

The British-Council-managed Improving Parliamentary Performance in Pakistan project has secured additional funding to continue its support to foster democratisation in Pakistan.

Funded by the EU, the project helps to build the capacity of Pakistan’s parliament in order to improve its functions of law making, oversight and representation.

The extension means a funding boost of €1 million over 21 months, and the project will now run until September 2016 and has a total value of over €5.7 million.  

Since 2012, the project has worked to support both the Senate and National Assembly to achieve greater strategic planning capacity, enhanced transparency and accessibility, and increased interaction with the European Parliament and EU member states.

The extension will enable the project to build on significant achievements to date, and will support new opportunities for successful collaboration with individuals, groups and institutions within Pakistan in the area of parliamentary strengthening. 

Improving Parliamentary Performance in Pakistan will continue to be delivered by a British-Council-led, consortium comprising the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Democracy Reporting International and the Research Society of International Law Pakistan.

Visit the Improving Parliamentary Performance in Pakistan website.