Youth development presentation

British Council

Youth issues climb to the top of the priority list in Lebanon through a newly launched project targeted towards youth development.

The British Council, in partnership with the American University of Beirut and through the European Commission, has won the contract to deliver a project to provide technical assistance to support youth development in the country.

Commencing on 18 July 2016, the project will last for 24 months. The overall objective is to contribute towards reforming the public policy making process for youth development, with increased involvement from both the government and civil society organisations.

It will offer technical support as well as build the capacity of staff to implement youth policy and improve existing initiatives that target the youth sector.  The project will specifically work on enhancing the roles of the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Youth Forum in taking forward priorities, governance and accountability around the National Youth Policy and priorities for young people in Lebanon.

Funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon, the hope is that the project will help young people play a greater role in Lebanon’s public policy.

The project was launched amid aspirations for a profound and positive impact on both the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Youth Forum. At the launch event itself, the Director General of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Mr Zeid Khiyami, welcomed the project and pledged his ongoing commitment and support throughout its duration.


October 2016