The British Council continue to be active in delivering international development projects worldwide. During the last four months, we have signed contracts on over 30 projects – below are brief descriptions of a selection of these programmes and projects.

Key to acronyms

DFID – Department for International Development

FCO – Foreign and Commonwealth Office

HSBC – Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

VAWG – Violence Against Women and Girls

CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

CSSF – Conflict, Stability and Security Fund

M&E – Monitoring and Evaluation

TVET – Technical and Vocational Education and Training

NAGGF – North Africa Good Governance Fund

CSO – Civil Society Organisation

NGO – Non-governmental Organisation


Title: Supporting Young Offenders in Colombia (SYOC), Phase II

Country: Colombia

Client: FCO

Sector: Justice

Value: £758,123

Length: 22 months

Description: This is an extension of a previous contract (SYOC I). The project supports former juvenile offenders during their post-release stage by providing a structured route for their social inclusion as a means to increasing the possibility of building a life in legality, preventing recidivism and further recruitment by illegal groups in Cali. The purpose is to support the Colombian post-peace agreement.


Title: 18-20 Fairness Fund

Country: Malaysia

Client: UK Government – Windsor Fund

Sector: Skills

Value: £3,400,000

Length: 15 months

Description: This project addresses the ‘fairer future’ theme of the Commonwealth Summit with particular emphasis on promoting the interests of the 60% of the Commonwealth’s population who are under 25. The objective of the project is to improve the employment prospects of young people, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, by piloting and introducing new approaches to employer-led skills development. Malaysia is one of four ODA countries to host this project, but the lessons and practice innovation will be disseminated across the Commonwealth.


Title: Scholarship Programme for Turkish Cypriot Community III

Country: Cyprus

Client: European Commission

Sector: Skills

Value: £2,192,376

Length: 23 months

Description: The objective is two-fold: (1) to bring the Turkish Cypriot community closer to the European Union by improving Turkish Cypriots' knowledge of the EU and EU Member States, and by increasing their experience of Europe and exposure to European values, culture and daily life, thereby reducing their isolation; (2) to contribute to Turkish Cypriots' education and their skills for employability.

Title: People to People Cultural Engagement (extension for years 3-5)

Country: Baltics

Client: FCO

Sector: Civil Society and Governance

Value: £6,000,000

Length: 36 months

Description: The goal of the People to People Engagement project for the Russian-speaking people of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is to ensure that communities within these countries are socially cohesive, have a strong affinity for each other’s, the UK’s and European values and culture, and are resilient to destabilising influences and narratives. 


Title: Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) Framework Re-tender 2018

Country: Global

Client: FCO

Sector: Civil Society and Governance

Value: No value (it is a framework agreement)

Length: 24 months

Description: This is a security and governance fund to encourage global security.


Title: Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship Plan (CSFP) 2018-21

Country: Global

Client: Commonwealth Scholarships Commission

Sector: Higher Education

Value: £1,000,000

Length: 45 months

Description: The CSFP is an international scholarship programme that allows selected scholars from Commonwealth countries to undertake postgraduate study in other Commonwealth countries, with the majority coming to the UK. The purpose is to identify potential leaders and future influencers in Commonwealth countries and to support their development, and strengthen their relationships with the UK.


Title: Female Political Leaders

Country: Lebanon

Client: FCO

Sector: Girls and Women

Value: £484,546

Length: 6 months

Description: This project will aim to increase the number of female political leaders and female voices in political decision-making across the Lebanese National and Municipal Governments, by supporting a wide spectrum of potential future leaders and breaking down existing barriers to participation.


Title: Changing Moves Changing Minds

Country: India

Client: Government of India

Sector: Girls and Women

Value: £450,000

Length: 36 months

Description: Changing Moves Changing Minds is a partnership between the British Council, the Royal Academy of Dance and Marylebone Cricket Club, to improve the integration of girls and boys in schools in India through play and to promote positive gender roles among children aged 10-12. The project aims to reach approximately 300,000 students and to train 3,000 teachers in government and private schools.


Title: Jobs for youth – migration and employment promotion project

Country: Ghana

Client: GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH)

Sector: Social Enterprise

Value: £894,000

Length: 12 months

Description: This project is aimed at complementing efforts by government and other stakeholders in providing sustainable support to young people to create jobs for themselves through skills development, business incubation and acceleration as well as seed funding, access to market and networking. The project provides support to unskilled young men and women, including returning migrants, to create employment opportunities for themselves; and it builds the capacity of hubs to better support SMEs in Ghana. The anticipated impact is the improvement in local economy, reduction in irregular migration, and elimination of violent extremism and crime.


Title: Study USA 2018-20

Country: UK

Client: Department for Employment and Learning, Northern Ireland

Sector: Higher Education

Value: £658,000

Length: 25 months

Description: The Study USA programme engages with the six FE and four HE colleges and universities across Northern Ireland, providing the opportunity for around 54 students to study business in the US for an academic year. This study abroad platform enables our Northern Ireland students to expand their academic knowledge with business insight, improve their employability and widen their international experience.

Title: Languages Teacher Training Scholarships II

Country: England

Client: Department for Education (DfE)

Sector: Schools

Value: £600,000

Length: 36 months

Description: The DfE is offering scholarships to encourage people to commit to training as a foreign language teacher. The British Council’s role will be to promote the scheme alongside DfE, attract applicants, access applicants and pass on details of the successful candidates to the teacher training institutions. During the training year, the British Council will administer the scholarship offer which includes face-to-face and virtual activities.


Title: 21st Century Schools

Country: Regional

Client: FCO

Sector: Schools

Value: £10,000,000

Length: 36 months, but expecting to be contracted each year

Description: The purpose of the project is to improve young people’s 21st century skills by supporting school leaders and teachers' skills for teaching key competences (digital skills, including coding, critical thinking and problem solving) across curricula in primary schools in Serbia (and possibly in Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina).

Title: Turkey Intercultural Dialogue Grant Scheme

Country: Turkey

Client: European Commission

Sector: Arts

Value: £442,635

Length: 18 months

Description: The project’s objective is to enhance intercultural dialogue between civil societies in Turkey and the European Union in the area of culture and art, along with collaboration, development and implementation of long term multinational / multilateral joint cultural initiatives and communication and promotion activities.

Title: English for Isolated Communities in South Caucasus, Belarus and Moldova

Country: Regional

Client: FCO

Sector: EES

Value: £400,000

Length: 7 months

Description: The project aims to enhance skills in English for young people in remote, disadvantaged, borderland or conflict-affected areas of Eastern Partnership countries. This will contribute to a safer and more stable neighbourhood region, directly supporting UK/CSSF priorities for security, stability, and prosperity through increased skills for individuals and engagement with UK expertise and education.