Yanni Kronenberg

The British Council believes that strengthening the rule of law, ensuring access to justice and addressing and resolving conflict are fundamental to human security and the development of stable economic states where all citizens’ voices can be heard and economic opportunities realised. 

Strengthening the rule of law 

We help societies strengthen the rule of law and its institutions, including the police, the judiciary, courts and prisons.

Ensuring access to justice

We work to make justice accessible to everyone in society, particularly the poor and marginalised, through legislative and policy reform, legal aid, mediation, paralegal services, cross-sector co-ordination and collaboration with traditional and customary justice systems and civil society organisations. 

Supporting conflict resolution

We help societies address and resolve conflict by strengthening existing mechanisms, encouraging dialogue as a means of community cohesion and supporting the voice of women, girls and vulnerable groups in building peace.

Facilitating pro-poor economic growth

We facilitate pro-poor growth by reforming the legal and regulatory environment for businesses and strengthening anti-corruption institutions.