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 The British Council works with governments, teachers, school leaders and civil society partners to improve the quality of education for children and young people. By promoting quality education, sharing international best practice and facilitating dialogue between policy makers, practitioners and education leaders we influence whole-system reform to help improve learning outcomes.

School leadership and management

Through coaching, mentoring and reflective learning we focus on developing the ability of school leaders and managers to deliver improved learning outcomes and implement school development plans. We produce training materials and curricula to support high-quality leadership training.

Teacher development

We work with professional development institutions and governments to develop new training curricula and materials and to support the effective delivery of training for teachers. We focus on participatory learning and on sharing the latest pedagogical practices from across the world. 

Education sector and management reform

We support national and local governments and development partners to deliver education reform programmes, focusing on the development of governance and accountability systems, the development of national frameworks and standards, quality assurance and inspection services and public financial management.

Curriculum development and assessment systems

We support governments and organisations with curriculum development, designing and implementing national assessment systems, establishing national assessment centres and implementing Education Management Information Systems.


Strong English language skills are a priority for governments worldwide. Using our extensive experience of English teaching, we support improved English language teaching in schools and higher levels of education.