We have an experienced and passionate team of experts working across our portfolio of international development projects. Read more about their diverse backgrounds, broad skill sets and experience on the ground in countries worldwide.


A photo of Jo Beall, Director Education and Society, British Council

Dr Jo Beall

Director Education and Society

Jo was formerly a professor of International Development at the London School of Economics and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Cape Town. She has published numerous books and articles in the areas of gender and development, social policy, urban governance and conflict, and development in fragile states. Jo remains a visiting professor at LSE and has an honorary degree from the Open University. She is currently Chair of INASP, a not for profit that puts research at the heart of development.

A photo of Tracy Ferrier, Head of Skills, British Council

Tracy Ferrier

Head of Skills

Tracy has over 20 years’ experience in skills development and professional education, working in and with the public, private and charity sectors. She leads our work in vocational education, employability and skills development. She has worked with policy makers around the world on skills strategies and advised on large technical assistance projects. Her previous role was Associate Director at the Mackinnon Partnership. Tracy has been a Board Member of two charities most recently OCN London.

A photo of Chris Cooper, Senior Skills Adviser

Chris Cooper

Senior Skills Adviser

Chris is an economist with over 25 years’ experience in the skills and employment sector. He leads on the technical input for our skills programmes and has recently advised on large technical assistance projects in Libya, Macedonia and Bangladesh. Chris has previously worked in consultancy and managed over 150 projects supporting policy development for national governments and their agencies, as well as social partners.”

Kate Dempster

Senior Civil Society & Governance Adviser

Kate Dempster is Senior Civil Society and Governance Adviser with over 15 years’ experience of designing and delivering programmes for donors including the European Commission and DfID. She has technical expertise in the areas of youth, community development, local governance and cities, as well as support for enabling civil society environments. She has a professional interest in disability and inclusion, and her portfolio includes international work with MENA and the Russian neighbourhoods.

Jess Magson

Justice Adviser

Jess is a Justice Adviser with over ten years' experience in justice and security reform. She has managed a variety of EU and DFID/FCO funded programmes in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and is particularly interested in issues relating to access to justice, rehabilitation and diversion. Her experience includes years with the UK Ministry of Justice international team, providing policy advice and supporting cross-government coordination. Jess is a 2013 Winston Churchill Fellow.

Susanna Carmody

Susanna Carmody

Senior Schools Adviser

Susanna leads on the technical input for our primary and secondary school programmes, ensuring we bring the latest practice to our project design and learn effectively from implementation. She is an experienced programme manager and, since joining the British Council, has managed development programmes across Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South and East Asia, with clients and partners including the EU, DFID, UNICEF, and the Premier League.  She has an interest in girls’ education.

A photo of Janice Drewe, Senior Justice and Security Adviser, British Council

Janice Drewe

Senior Justice and Security Adviser

Janice advises in justice, security and conflict with an emphasis on access to justice, human security and working in new ideas on how we work with instability and conflict, particularly in the MENA region.  She had a key role in designing and delivering security and justice projects in Myanmar and Sierra Leone. Prior to joining the British Council, Janice implemented development programmes in East Asia, South Asia, Africa and the Pacific, working alongside institutions and civil society.

A photo of Gillian Cowell, Senior Adviser, Governance and Civil Society

Gillian Cowell

Senior Governance and Civil Society Adviser

Gillian leads our work in engaging with and supporting the development of civil society. She also leads on our work in gender equality. Since joining the British Council, she has managed development contracts on behalf of donors including the World Bank, EU and DFID. She has worked in Romania, Turkey and the Middle East, leading British Council governance and civil society programmes and responding to issues including child protection and addressing violence against women and girls.

A photo of Sally Robinson, Head Global Business Development, British Council

Sally Robinson

Head of Global Business Development

Sally has over 25 years’ experience in the development sector and extensive knowledge of the management and delivery of technical assistance projects. Her experience includes long-term postings in Africa and shorter term inputs, particularly in Asia and Eastern Europe, as well as research on the environmental basis for poverty reduction in Central Asia. Her work has focused on education development as well as a range of governance and civil society projects.