Indonesian Women
Value £560,000
2010 to 2014

The British Council uses its global network and contacts in the business community to support social enterprise worldwide. This programme specifically nurtures young social entrepreneurs, helping them build businesses with primarily social objectives whose profits are reinvested into the business or community. 

We use our experience of developing and delivering training to provide social entrepreneurs with skills and professional mentoring. We also provide links to UK expertise, global peer networks and funding opportunities that enable them to build sustainable social enterprises.

We tap into our global network, to get the programme operating in over 20 countries. With each one, we provide a tailored approach which suits the local context. We have also attracted over 20 UK based companies who have helped develop the programme and open up new opportunities with country partners. 

We also use our contacts within local and national media to generate PR for the programme. In this way we are able to deliver good value for money for the clients. 

‘With tremendous support and dedication from the British Council, we have impacted over 24,000 people so far’ 

John Galvin, Arthur Guinness Fund representative and Managing Director, Diageo Indonesia

Skills for Social Entrepreneurs in numbers 

  • Over 100 partnerships formed through programme 
  • 205 community social enterprises supported by training
  • £127,000 worth of funding provided
  • £1 million worth of media coverage generated.