Mat Wright

Value £6 million
2005 to 2020

eTwinning is a free online platform for teachers in Europe to connect, develop projects and share ideas. The British Council was selected by the European Union to manage, promote and become the UK national agency for the programme because of our track record in supporting international education programmes. 

Every education system in Europe is unique. The British Council has unrivalled insight into the UK context, enabling us to create a platform that perfectly supports UK teachers in connecting and working with those overseas. 

Critical to our successful management of the programme is our direct access to schools. We are in constant dialogue with teachers at every level. This insight has meant we have created a platform which is perfectly honed to the needs of UK teachers. It has also allowed us to develop a network of eTwinning ambassadors who promote the benefits to other schools. 

We also design and provide professional development courses for teachers and promote them via the website. Finally, we are responsible for keeping the website live for the 12,000 UK schools who are registered on it.  

The main benefits of the programme come back to the students, with research showing the schools engaged in the eTwinning programme have more motivated, engaged students. 

‘The work underway with ambassadors and experts for both Comenius and eTwinning, to demonstrate how the programmes can support raising standards and help deliver curriculum objectives, is commendable.’ 

Department for Education

‘The impact on pupil learning is outstanding: raising achievement levels in terms of literacy and numeracy and has kept the pupils inspired throughout the year sharing our ideas.’ 

eTwinning teacher 

eTwinning in numbers

  •  240,000 schools in eTwinning database 
  •  12,000 UK schools reached by the programme
  •  5,000 UK teachers joining eTwinning projects
  •  7,000+ teachers participating in eTwinning professional development workshops