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Frank Noon

Value £96 million
2007 to 2013

Comenius offered European schools funding for a range of opportunities; from school partnerships to professional development for teachers. The British Council was selected by the Department of Education to be the UK national agency; providing support to the UK schools sector in accessing Comenius opportunities. In this role we provided a full suite of programme management services.

Our experienced grants management team administered the application process; screening applicants to ensure quality standards are met. We provided advice and support to schools as they setup partnerships, including online project spaces to do their international work and training and courses accessed via the Comenius website.

Our in-house Marketing and Communications team used a range of innovative approaches to encourage applicants amongst the target audience, across our digital channels. We were able to reach these audiences through our well-established schools network, built from working for over 80 years in the sector.

At a higher level, we engaged with education professionals across Europe. We used our network of the on-the-ground staff to engage with key influencers, inviting them to take part in events which shape the future direction of education policy across Europe.

We ensured rigorous compliance and quality standards were met when administering the funds. Our streamlined delivery model provided value for money for our clients.

‘Comenius is very well managed by the British Council, with a clear focus on quality and inclusion’ 

European Commission formal feedback Comenius Yearly Report 2012.

‘Comenius brings value to the students’ academic experience, broadening horizons and offering a greater insight of global issues. They learn to appreciate their geographic environment and demonstrate increased tolerance and respect for others.’

Damian James, Northern Ireland  

Comenius in numbers

  • 31 European countries involved
  • 6,500 training grants awarded to teachers. 
  • 4,000 schools partnerships formed
  • 2.5 million pupils reached
  • 1 million teachers reached 
  • 80% of teachers said Comenius had a significant or very significant impact on their professional life.