Mat Wright

The British Council has worked in the Society sector for 80 years, developing and delivering programmes which improve the lives of millions of people worldwide. 

We work directly with governments, civil society organisations and the private sector, giving us unique insight and access both in the UK and internationally.

Our approach is to engage at every level, from people on the ground through local organisations and up to government, for the benefit of those we work with and the participants of our programmes.  

Our Society offering covers two core strands:  



We develop the civil society offering in over 100 countries. From active citizenship and social action, to empowering women and increasing access to sport; we work with our partner organisations to deliver a range of outcomes. 

Read about some of our success stories from the civil society sector below.

Active Citizens

Youth in Action 



Working with social entrepreneurs, governments, researchers and the private sector, we connect people working in this sphere to share policy and support sustainable ways of doing business. We do this through policy dialogue, learning exchanges, training courses and supporting innovation.

Read about one of our success stories from the social enterprise sector below.

Skills for Social Entrepreneurs