Nigeria festival

Nigeria’s creative industries, notably music, film and fashion, are increasingly recognised as an important expression of the country’s creativity and a powerful contributor to its economy: now the biggest in Africa.

UK/NG 2015/2016 aims to connect over forty million young Nigerians aged 18-35 to the UK by building new audiences for UK and Nigerian arts and culture. It is taking place in 3 cities across Nigeria and 2-3 cities across the UK. In Nigeria it features more than 80 events in art, fashion, design, theatre, dance, music, literature and film.

By increasing access to arts and culture from the two countries, we are aiming to build mutual understanding among young people in both countries and reaffirm the UK’s position as a partner for the growth of the arts and creative industries in Nigeria.

UK/NG’s projects are developed around the following themes:

Young People and Innovation

Digital platforms are generating opportunities for original approaches to the creation and distribution of the arts. UK/NG 2015–2016 builds on this trend, enabling artists to find new markets. The focus is on building digital, technical and entrepreneurial skills and promoting the creation of new work by young people in non-traditional arts spaces.

Public Space and Access to the Arts

We are promoting community engagement with arts and culture, boosting awareness around programming work in public spaces. This increases access to the arts by focusing on public art works and site-specific performances and installations. We use mobile, social media and other digital channels to promote inclusion across geographical and socio-economic boundaries.


Collaboration between Nigerian and UK artists, arts organisations and creative entrepreneurs is at the heart of UK/NG 2015–2016: we aim to build relationships that will allow these partnerships to continue long after the programme is completed.