About the Partner Schools Global Network

The Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN) is the community of schools that offer a UK curriculum leading to exams such as the O level, IGCSE and A level, administered in cooperation with the British Council. These schools are located across South Asia, the Middle East, North and sub-Saharan Africa,  in Cyprus, Colombia and beyond.

Our aim is to offer high-quality products and services that support our leaders, teachers, learners and parents. We are also able to support Ministries of Education with reform and improvement programmes. 
For our teachers, our support includes a Quality Assurance self-assessment tool and an excellent suite of in-service teacher-training workshops for both primary and secondary teachers.
For learners, we offer the PSGN ‘Your World’ global competition as well as access to the latest online educational support. 
And, for school leaders, we offer leadership training as well as excellent networking opportunities.  In addition, we offer the global Schools Now! Conference, which takes place in early Spring each year.

Watch this video in which Martin Lowder, our UK qualifications expert, talks a bit more about the network.

Schools Now! Online Conference
Pathways to Resilience: Strategic leadership in a changing environment
6-7 March 2019

Building on the success of the previous global Schools Now! Conference in Jordan, we are pleased to announce that the fourth annual Schools Now! Conference will take place on 6 -7 March 2019. This will be the first online version of the Schools Now! Conference. The online element will allow us to reach even greater numbers of leaders and educational managers from partner schools and create even more opportunities for delegates to actively participate in presentations and discussions that take place throughout this 2-day conference. 


The theme of the Schools Now! online conference 2019 has been informed by recent developments in education practice and the suggestions of participants who attended the successful conference in Jordan in March 2018. The theme is Pathways to Resilience: strategic leadership in a changing environment

The idea of ‘building up resilience’ is becoming increasingly used in the world of education. This can include 21st Century skills such as the ability to think critically, solve problems, work collaboratively, demonstrate leadership and develop digital literacy. It can also extend to personal development through learning new skills throughout life and looking after personal health and well-being. 

The conference will explore the following sub-themes:

  • The role of school leaders in integrating resilience in school systems through inclusive practices  and establishing patterns of life-long learning to meet the challenges of an ever changing jobs market along with the opportunities it brings for personal growth
  • How we can strengthen the capacity of teachers to build up resilience in their students through modelling skills and behaviours and embedding these skills within the curriculum areas being taught and through extra-curricular activities
  • The role of schools in supporting the mental well-being of students to deal with the challenges they face within the digital sphere, the classroom and in life beyond school.

This innovative online conference will be structured carefully with keynote presentations alongside interactive sessions for delegates and discussions with panels of experts. In addition, awarding bodies will play a prominent role in the conference through keynote presentations and delegates will have the opportunity to speak to representatives in interactive areas throughout the conference.

How to register?

Please register on our PSGN Online Support for Schools platform to participate in this exciting conference. For further information on how to access the PSGN Online Support for Schools platform, please see this registration guide or speak to your British Council local Exams team. 

Conference Schedule

You can download the conference schedule from the download section below.

Welcome to the 4th Your World global competition!

The Your World global competition is for students in partner schools who take UK qualifications such as the IGCSE, O level and A level through the British Council.
Your World is a short video competition for students aged 14 - 17 provide a window into their world that will interest other students from all over the world.

The theme for this year is ‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’. Students, working in small groups of three to five, are asked to make a  short video of no more than 3 minutes that outlines a social action project with reference to the local community around them. That community could be their country, town or city,  school or a group of people large or small.

The video should identify a health issue related to nutrition and exercise along with its effect on a community. The video should outline who is affected and how this issue can be resolved for the long term benefit of the community. It could be a health issue such as an increase in the consumption of junk food with its impact on health or how an increasing reliance on technology such as social media and online games that can prevent people from being more active.

Perhaps a new approach involving a creative use technology can be utilised to address the issue for the benefit of the  community. In making their video, students will be able to draw on their cross-curricular knowledge while developing the core skills of leadership, digital literacy, creativity, collaboration critical thinking and problem solving. 

There will be a country winner, regional winner, and a global winner. The global winners will be flown to London with their teacher to experience the culture of the UK!

*Note that to be eligible for the global prize, students should be no older than 17 by August 31st 2019 in accordance with UK child protection regulations.

Watch the global winning video from Your World competition 2017/2018 here

For further information, please contact your local British Council office.

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