On November 2 2016 we celebrated our 50th anniversary with colleagues, BCFA members and invited guests. We held our Annual General Meeting which was followed by an interesting poetry session facilitated by Will Kemp of the Arts Department. We had as our invited poets Inua Ellams, Mimi Khalvati, and David Harsent

 Mimi, David and Inua each read an original Shakespeare sonnet and their own response to it. This was followed by a lively discussion on its influence on them with the audience posing questions to them. They also performed extracts from their own work.

 The evening was rounded off with a short speech by the Chief Operating Officer Adrian Greer who thanked staff that have returned to the UK for their service and the BCFA for making the evening a success. This was followed by the canapé reception. Below are some pictures from the evening.

 Please visit our private Facebook page for minutes of the AGM.

David Sinclair Jones (BCFA Chair) and Liz Fotheringham
Invited Guests at the reception
Invited Guests at the reception
David Harsent and Mimi Khalvati at the BCFA poetry session
David Harsent and Mimi Khalvati at the BCFA 50th anniversary poetry session
Inua Ellama at the BCFA 50th anniversary celebrations
BCFA Committee and some guests
Members of the BCFA Committee and invited guests l-r: Suzanne Swales, Jane Jones, Duncan Lambe (UK Returnee), Mila Norton, David Sinclair-Jones (Chair), Liz Fotheringham, Diana Greer (President), Joy Amobi (BCFA Manager) and Frances Stoddard (BCFA Member).