We recognise in all we do, that we are a UK public body and the responsibilities and expectations this brings.

As a UK public body it is reasonable to expect that the activities, choices, processes and decisions of the British Council are transparent and open to stakeholder and public scrutiny. The Principles of Good Corporate Governance in Executive Non-Departmental Public Bodies make it clear that public bodies should be 'open, transparent, accountable and responsive'. 

We should be open and prepared to give a full account of our choices of programmes, sectors, partners, priorities and targets as set out in our Corporate Plan and as they come together on the ground in countries around the world.

Due to our mixed-economy operating model, paid-for services and participation in fair and open competition for contracts, some of the British Council’s income generating activity is considered ‘commercial in confidence’; relating to paid-for services, partnerships and specific contract negotiations. However as a UK public body the general principle is that financial and management information should be as open to scrutiny as possible, as it is across the UK public sector and in mixed-economy UK public services.