We measure the performance of our programmes and incentivise our teams to deliver first and foremost in terms of impact against our charitable objectives, delivering mutual benefits for the countries we work in and for the UK.  

On the overseas side of this mutuality equation, we aim to understand and respond to market demand about how we can create most benefit; on the UK side of the equation, we seek to align with relevant UK government strategies, and the priorities of the sectors we work in.

We need to achieve maximum value for the UK at minimum cost to the UK tax payer and on a sustainable basis. UK government grant funding currently represents approximately a fifth of our income. This share is declining, and most of it must be spent only in countries that qualify for Overseas Development Assistance.

It is therefore vital to both our economics and purpose that we generate income and surplus from other sources so that we can sustain our work and re-invest in pursuit of our objectives on a global basis.  This however is a means not an end, and as such work will only be undertaken when it delivers the benefits described above.

We will work to supplement our monitoring and evaluation work with new measures to track our UK impact, and in particular on the number, quality and financial impact of our partnerships with organisations in the UK’s English, education and creative sectors.  We will consult and look to integrate these measures into our business planning and performance management systems alongside our existing measures.