We seek to build value and opportunity for our UK sectors and other UK providers as well as in areas where we are also a provider.

Our ‘mixed economy’ model means that we have multi-dimensional relationships with many of our UK partners: convener, collaborator, promoter and provider of services and use of a range of funding sources for our work.

These include fees from customers, wherever there is a willingness and ability to pay for our services

In other cases, where customer funding is not feasible but the activity is still desirable in terms of its cultural relations impact, we will use as appropriate: bidding competitively for contracts, re-investing surpluses we have generated elsewhere, sponsorship, partnership or co-funding and only where legal, appropriate and unavoidable use UK government grant.

Even where we are a provider of services we also seek to collaborate with, partner with and build value for our UK sectors and other UK providers.  Whatever the funding model, we will always look for opportunities to partner with relevant UK organisations in designing our programmes and in responding to client requests for commercial and contract proposals.