If you are unable to find the information you require on any of the British Council websites you can submit a request for the information. The guidance below is to help you make a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA).

All requests for information must be submitted in writing, state your name, have an address for corresspondence (either email or postal) and must clearly describe the information you require. Upon receipt of your request you will be sent acknowledgement and will be provided with a unique reference number in relation to your request, please quote this number on all correspondence.

To make a request for information that is not already published on our website please either:

To assist us with our searches, please provide us with any additional information you think might be helpful such as:

  • the subject matter
  • a time frame
  • the type of information you require

If it relates to a specific document or report please provide additional information such as: 

  • the date of production
  • author
  • its likely location
  • the relevant member of staff, office or department. 


Under the Freedom of Information Act public authorities are entitled to withhold information when an appropriate exemption applies. Details of these exemptions are available on the Information Commissioner’s website.

Please note that some of our publications will have been redacted (removed) prior to publication; where information has been redacted, this will be made clear in the published information along with an explanation as to why this information was redacted in line with the exemptions available to the British Council.  

Section 10 of the Act states that a public authority must respond promptly and no later than 20 working days, starting the day after the request is received. Exceptions to this rule may apply when:

  • a qualified exemption applies and the public interest test needs to be considered, or
  • a request is unclear and clarification is required, or
  • a fees notice is awaiting payment

If you require any information about yourself, you should submit a request under the Data Protection Act by emailing IGDisclosures@britishcouncil.org

Contact address

Information Governance Advisor (Disclosures)
British Council 
58 Whitworth Street
Manchester, M1 6BB

United Kingdom 

Phone + 44 (0)161 957 7624

Email: IGDisclosures@britishcouncil.org