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For the last 7 years I have been fortunate enough to work as an author for a Spanish Editorial. Not as the Spanish version of JK Rowling, unfortunately, but as an English course book writer.

I first started writing when I worked for the British Council in Madrid. A colleague already writing for the editorial asked me whether I would co-author a series of primary books with her. I had already written a lot of material for teacher´s workshops and articles for English language magazines, so it was perfect. In fact more perfect than I could have imagined…as my BC hubby was soon to be whisked off to a new destination in the next batch of jobs and I became a trailing wife.

I love working, being busy and earning my own salary so the writing job fitted the bill. I have also had local teaching jobs in international schools and worked for a short time with Save the Children proof reading and editing reports but it is my laptop that has travelled with me and allowed me to work anywhere in the world (and meet my deadlines!). It went with me to Mozambique, 3 years later it came with me to Saudi Arabia…it even comes on holiday with me. It has been my constant companion, along with its new chum the incredible I-pad.
From a work perspective, they make moving thousands of miles seamless.

We are about to fly off to a new destination, but delays have meant that 5 months later we are still waiting. I gave up my teaching job in June when my husband was offered a new posting and would have been twiddling my thumbs, and grieving the loss of a salary if it weren´t for digital communication and the remote opportunity it has given me.

Take a look at this website if you need help to get you started on a writing career in ELT.


Montse Watkin