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On our last few weeks in America we were at school saying goodbye to every child that was leaving the school. A teacher would call your name up and you would get a special badge that has our school logo on it. Everybody was very sad that people were leaving including me. On our last few days of school we played fun games like Top Trumps, Guess Who and Cluedo. My teacher even played! It was a very fun day. In the evening we went to see a baseball match. It was the Nationals v Brewers. At the end there were fireworks!! Blasting in the air with orange, red, green and white colours and then the final scores appeared it was... 4-1 to Brewers. We said our final goodbyes, everyone  was sad, but we still had a great night out and we still can keep in touch with our emails and Skype.

Then we headed to U.K where we spent some great times with my Grandparents by the seaside. We also saw our cousins, friends and visited some lovely places in the Peak District. My mum and Dad kept telling me to make the most of England, as they explained how very different India would be.
I was very sad to leave all my family behind in England but I was very happy to finally start our new life in New Delhi. We packed our cases again, headed to the airport and after many months of wondering, we were on our way.

Hot, hot, hot.....wow it sure is hot! We would have to get used to the temperature pretty quickly. We arrived at our temporary accommodation and almost immediately all five of us had to start searching for somewhere to live. It was quite tiring in the heat but we stopped off for some Indian food to get our energy back. As I write this we still do not have our own house but I hope it won’t take much longer. Meanwhile school is fantastic, lots of space to run and play sport and the teachers are really friendly. I am making friends and the cafeteria is the best ever! As this time we are going to an American school instead of a British one, I am a bit worried about the change in how we will be learning and what we will be learning about. The first two weeks were spent talking about how we feel instead of just getting down to work!

I am trying a lot of new foods, which have been very tasty so far and quite spicy. We seem to be spending a lot of time in the car in traffic but it is a good chance to see the real street life and how people are living. Me and my brothers find it sad to see all the young children living by the road with not much to eat. I have asked my mum if we can help out with some of the charities that our school takes part in.

We haven’t had a chance to see many sights yet, just the government buildings in the centre of Delhi, they are pretty great, but I am looking forward to seeing the markets of Old Delhi, The Red Fort and of course The Taj Mahal.

My Grandma has plans to come and visit us sometime in October and I can’t wait to be able to show her around. I think she is going to love it here.

Written by Walker Everitt (Age 8) with some help from my mum.