Adrian Greer CMG, Chief Operating Officer

After studying English at university Adrian Greer worked for the National Audit Office in Scotland where he qualified as an accountant. He joined the British Council in 1984 in what was then known as the Overseas Career Service.

After a posting to Japan he became corporate Chief Accountant in 1989. Since then he has held a number of senior positions overseas and in the UK. He has been Country Director in Lesotho and Swaziland, Zambia and Russia. He worked for four years in Manchester as geographical head in Development and Training Services (predecessor to Programme and Projects) and from 2004-2007 was a member of the Senior Management team, as Director of Learning, Creativity and Society. 

He has most recently been Director Global Network and was appointed to his current post, as Chief Operating Officer, October 2012. He was awarded a CMG for his work in Russia, in 2004. He is married, with three daughters and a son.