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Stuart Leech and adapted from the original.

Why culture should be at the heart of future public policy

August 2014

This report was produced for the 2014 International Culture Summit (Edinburgh, 10-12 August).

The Summit organisers invited Culture Ministers, policymakers, artists and commentators to contribute to a wide-ranging conversation across three interlinked topics: to ponder the principles by which culture is valued and measured; to survey and assess a number of international conventions for the promotion and protection of cultural diversity; and to consider the role of cities as incubators of cultural innovation. 

The foreword to the publication is by Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, who argues that culture is a driver and enabler of inclusive growth and a channel to forge new forms of global solidarity and citizenship; and that it should be at the heart of all public policies, underpinned by human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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