Elderly gentleman sitting inside a ring of children
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Pawel Kuczynski and adapted from the original.

June 2016

The future of the UK’s cultural relationship with other European nations

‘The committees and debating chambers of Brussels are the dusty engine rooms of Europe, but it is our museums, galleries, universities, businesses, stadia and studios that provide the fuel.’ 
Martin Roth, Director, Victoria & Albert Museum 

‘National identities come more easily to many of us, but the continent has always been a de facto collective with exchange and cooperation at its heart.’ 
Rebecca Walton, British Council European Union Regional Director

Ahead of the referendum we commissioned this collection of essays by prominent people working in a wide variety of cultural sectors. They offer an insight into the historic, social, artistic, scientific and educational connections between the UK and other European countries, and a reflection on how these might be shaped in years to come.

We asked the authors to write about their own experience, and reflect more broadly on the value of culture as an enduring force of attraction within and beyond Europe. Commissioned artwork offers a wry commentary on the UK’s ‘European question’: the cover illustration suggesting an urgent need for (re) engagement with our neighbours

The views expressed in this publication are those of the individual authors and not of the British Council, unless otherwise stated.