Yoga Pose

Kristine Kisky (Morguefile Photos)

I started practising yoga with a small group of ladies led by a Swiss diplomat’s wife when we lived in Tripoli.  She was an inspiring teacher and very encouraging even though we didn’t always get it right.  But then there really is no right and wrong in yoga. The mantra seems to be ‘listen to your body’ and do what feels right for you. 

When we returned to UK, it was one of the first activities I sought out and now go to a class led by a teacher in her 70s where I’m one of the younger members!  It’s certainly an activity where the benefits are cumulative: it helps with back problems, is a good stress reliever and is a great way to meet friendly people.  We all think it keeps us younger and fitter, but then we would say that…

For more information or to find a local teacher in UK, check out the British wheel of yoga,

And I’m sure there are yoga classes in most cities of the world, so it’s a very portable practice.


Jane Jones