Scott Liddell aka hotblack (morguefile photos)

Claire La Niece and Mila Norton (BCFA manager and committee member) both had babies in January and February 2015.

Louise Olivia was born 7 January in the afternoon weighing 6lb 13 oz. Louise, Claire and Tim are doing well. 

Alexander Elliot Norton was born 4 February at 6:10 am weighing 4.44 kg at Royal London Hospital - apparently the only remaining hospital within the sound of Bow bells (St Bart’s maternity unit has been closed for a while).

Alexander, Mila and Paul are all doing well with Alexander attending his first committee meeting last week. I am happy to say he was as good as gold with mum Mila gently rocking his pram while he babbled away or happily guzzled down bottles of milk.  

Do raise a glass to their Health and Wellbeing!