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Good Schools Guide

The Good Schools Guide UK and Good Schools Guide International have been merged and can now be found at . You are able to wander freely between them using the tabs "UK Schools", "Universities" and "International" 

For the first time, you will have access to Uni in the USA (which includes advice on the US admissions process, review on 70 selected US universities and reviews of 35 selected global universities in Europe, Asia and Australia). 

The Good Schools Guide Education Consultancy service is not included in our subscriptions, but rates and services are easier to find now that that's all on the master site as well. Another new addition to the site is The Good Careers site (the purple tab on the far right end), an evolving service – for free – for students and parents trying to figure out whether to take the traditional university route or a more direct path to industry through apprenticeship programmes and other options.

To subscribe, email and you will receive your username and password.


The BCFA Facebook Group is a‘secret’ group and only open to BCFA members. It is a forum for members to meet others in similar situations to themselves and to share their experiences of being a spouse/partner/family overseas and in the UK.

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