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Going on a posting overseas?

As a member of the British Council Families Association you will have a range of advice and support available to you before you are posted overseas. We are here to ensure a smooth relocation.

We understand that every family is different. We also understand that each post is different.
Using local expertise and other resources we are able to give our users key advice and support on an array of subjects:
  • Local living conditions and culture: We can provide you with specific country and cultural information, including visa guidance.
  • Employment opportunities for partners: Members can access local knowledge about job opportunities in-country.
  • Schooling for children: The British Council Families Association can support you in your search for a  school for your children, whether overseas or in the UK. As an example, members have access to the Good Schools Guide International and Good Schools Guide (UK).
  • Health: The British Council Families Association can put you in touch with experienced staff who can advise on healthcare information.
  • Financial planning:  The British Council Families Association can point you in the direction of tax, NI and pension advice.
  • Accommodation: We are happy to  put you in touch with a local contact who can advise you on finding a place to live for the duration of your post.
  • Security: The British Council takes the security of their staff and families seriously.  The local point of contact for partner support can advise on security awareness in-country.
To receive support you need to become a member.
If you have any questions about any of the above please get in touch.
Alternatively, if you are already a member you can join us on Facebook by emailing us.