The committee

British Council Association
Patrons, Sir Martin Jacomb and Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws QC
President, Sir Vernon Ellis
Committee 2016 - 17
Chair Deputy Chair
Ian Stewart Carol Stiles

Committee member

Special Responsibilities

Judith Aguma Visiting scheme
Fiona Doyle I.T.
James Moore  Treasurer
Carol Stiles Theatre Group
Ian Stewart Coordination with Benevolent Fund
Christine Walsh Editor, New Horizons   
David Evans Midlands and North of England 
Hector Munro Facebook group 
Kenrick Ghosh  
David Marler  
Gillian Marsh  Midlands and North of England
Rosemary Morrice  
Jenny Pugsley  
Ian Simm  
Hazel Vanier  
Christine Latimer Secretary
Oral history group
Ian Stewart, Jenny Pugsley