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Next Generation is a research programme that gathers data to explore the needs, potential and aspirations of young people globally aged between 16 and 35. The overall aim of Next Generation is defined through 3 strands: 

• Research: Understanding youth attitudes and aspirations 

• Youth Voice: Amplifying youth voice 

• Policy Impact: Supporting better youth policymaking 

In reference to the recommendations developed from a recent review of the Next Generation Programme and internal steering group, the British Council aims to approach upcoming and future Next Generation projects as: 

• Research that gathers data to explore the needs, potential and aspirations of young people in the target country.

• A programme of stakeholder engagement activity built within and around the research, throughout the stages of research design, data collection, analysis and after the launch of the final report 

In 2016, the British Council conducted Next Generation UK and since then, many social, political and economic changes have impacted the lives of young people, their communities and the UK as a whole.

The British Council is seeking a supplier to conduct a new edition of Next Generation UK (Next Gen 2024). 

Next Generation UK 2024 will:

  • Look ahead: Next Gen UK 2024 will be framed as is an opportunity to (briefly) reflect on the impact of recent years and look towards the next 10 years to understand how young people in the UK envision the future for themselves, the UK, the wider world – and the role that they will have in it. 
  • Start a national conversation on the future of young people in the UK: Next Gen UK 2024 will include a larger-than-usual component of capacity building and stakeholder engagement opportunities for young people across all four nations of the UK. Next Gen UK 2024 will ensure that local communities are engaged - including the area of Stratford London - and a part of a national conversation around the future of young people in the UK and include increased representation from a number of diaspora communities. 
  • Champion the importance of connecting globally to solve local and global challenges: Next Gen UK 2024 will include insights into how young people across the UK connect with the wider world – including those who have done so through the British Council – it’s benefit and explore what else can be done to increase young people’s international engagement. 


Tender open on In-Tend: Friday 16th February 2024

Deadline for proposals: Wednesday 13th March at 23:59 GMT 

Contract awarded by: Friday 22nd March 2024

How to apply

All documents required as part of your response should be submitted to British Council’s e-Tendering portal hosted at https://in-tendhost.co.uk/britishcouncil by the Response Deadline, as set out in the Timescale, unless specified otherwise. The InTend reference is BC/03370.

Refer to the full RfP document (section 11) for more information on instructions for responding. If you do not have access to In-Tend, you can contact Rhea Bhandari at Rhea.Bhandari@Britishcouncil.org   

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