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For additional information, please review the Request for Proposals (RFP) summary document attached. To access the full information of this opportunity and how to apply, please refer to the below instructions and download the full criteria via the In-Tend portal.

Next Generation is a research programme that gathers data to explore the needs, potential and aspirations of young people globally. The overall aim of Next Generation is defined through 3 strands:

• Research: Understanding youth attitudes and aspirations

• Youth Voice: Amplifying youth voice

• Policy Impact: Supporting better youth policymaking

The research seeks to analyse the conditions that support young people and allow them to reach their potential as fulfilled, productive and active citizens. Research is initiated in countries that are experiencing a period of significant change, with the purpose of ensuring that young people’s voices are heard, and their interests properly represented in decisions that will have lasting implications for their lives. The research is always completed with a series of recommendations based on supporting policy change. This research has been conducted in countries including the UK, Colombia, Germany, Ireland/Northern Irelands, Myanmar, Sudan, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, and Vietnam. We look to see how one or more significant changes or periods of activity – particularly when a number of events or circumstance come together – affects young people’s view of themselves and their place in the world.

The British Council is interested in understanding the aspirations and opinions of young people in Sudan and is commissioning Next Generation Sudan, as part of the Next Generation Programme.

Themes and key areas of research

The study will focus and explore the following topics and themes (the list below is not exhaustive and open to amendment and suggestions from the supplier):

• Demographics

• Identity and Values

• Education and Skills

• Employment

• Local and Global Challenges

• Youth Voice (Political and Civic and Engagement

• Digital Media

• Arts and Culture

• Peace and Conflict Resolution

• Global Outlook

The British Council holds a strong commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) as stated in the organisation’s policy and most recent strategy. Next Generation Sudan must ensure the adequate and purposeful inclusion and adherence of the British Council’s approach to EDI and contribution to diversity and gender outcomes, through research methods and tools, sampling and data collection, and dissemination of research.

Supplier Profile

The British Council is looking to appoint research consultant(s) who possess:

 Research skills and experience:

• Strong qualitative and quantitative research track record evidenced by previous projects.

• Expertise in conducting interviews and identifying case studies, evidenced by previous research projects.

• Strong experience in developing participatory research.

• Strong and dedicated team with suitable experience and qualifications.

• Strong experience in conducting research remotely and/or using digital/technological tools and methods.

 Stakeholder engagement skills and experience:

• Knowledge and experience in developing, arranging, and leading on a variety of stakeholder engagement activities throughout the research process to inform the research process, in addition to create interest with relevant stakeholders.

• Strong experience in conducting stakeholder engagement activities remotely and/or using digital/technological tools and methods.

 Local knowledge and expertise:

• Knowledge and expertise in the political, social, economic, and cultural aspects of Sudan.

• Knowledge and expertise in the area of youth and youth issues.

• Knowledge of and/or already established relationships with networks of youth groups and youth stakeholders in Sudan

 Other requirements:

• Offering good value for money

• Capacity to deliver within the timeframes set out below.

 Outputs and deadlines

We anticipate the final outputs to broadly include: Datasets; A final report in English; An executive summary; A slide deck of key findings; A number of stakeholder engagement activities as part of the research and dissemination process.

Tender open on In-Tend: 26th October 2022

Clarification request deadline: 6th November 23:59 GMT

Respond to clarification requests by: 9th November 23:59 GMT

Deadline for proposals: 22 November 23:59 GMT

Contract awarded by: 2nd December

How to apply

A full outline of the proposal request, the instructions for responding and evaluation criteria are available as part of the tender opportunity accessible on our portal at

The reference code is BC/02665.

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