International Cooperation

International cooperation in science and innovation is central to success, whether that is individual scientist to scientist interactions, or large team based projects and programmes between companies.  Details about key players in this area can be found below.

1. The British Council builds lasting relationship s between scientists and researchers around the world to contribute to the sharing of ideas and knowledge.

2. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) operates the UK Science and Innovation Network to support the UK government’s strategy on science and innovation abroad through promoting international research collaboration, partnerships and policy development.

3. UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) offers support and advice on developing British trade and investment in overseas markets

4. Government Office for Science has an International Unit that delivers world class science and innovation in the UK by promoting international science and technology cooperation to the benefit of UK researchers, business and government. Links are bilateral and multilateral.

5. Department for International Development (DfID) is responsible for promoting development and reducing poverty. They understand the importance of communicating with other funders as well.

6. The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) provides research, consultancy and training services in the environment and natural resources sector to support development assistance programmes on an international level.

7.  Report: Science & Innovation in the UK
This document sets out the functions and objectives of non-Government organisations working in science and innovation in the UK, complementing the UKGovernment’s Science and Innovation Strategy.