Promotion Material

Order EURAXESS promotional material for your international researchers. Materials can be displayed in your Research office or distributed at your Researcher conferences. The materials are also available to download.

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EURAXESS UK support for International Researchers one sided A5 flyer

Euraxess UK support for international researchers 


EURAXESS UK support for international researchers poster

A3 poster



Euraxess UK Flyer’ Produced by British Council. 1/3 A4 folded leaflet for UK researchers, international researchers and institutions giving brief information about how Euraxess can help each audience.

Euarxess UK leaflet



 EURAXESS 'The guide for international researchers moving to the UK'

90 page A5 guide for researchers moving to the UK. Last updated March 2014.

 The guide for international researchers moving to the UK




 Euraxess Logo - 99x52 pixels

To download the EURAXESS logo above, select the size of image you require from the list below:

99x52 pixel EURAXESS logo

240x160 pixel EURAXESS logo 

357x255 pixel EURAXESS logo 

489x255 pixel EURAXESS logo 

677x452 pixel EURAXESS logo 

1449x986 pixel EURAXESS logo