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Euraxess UK is a British Council hub, which aids researchers in their career development, supporting mobility and acting as a support mechanism for researchers moving abroad or moving to the UK. 

Collaborating internationally or spending time on a research visit abroad can be very beneficial to a researcher's career and can give researchers access to expertise, facilities, and research environments that significantly broaden their experience and networks. Euraxess UK provides support, with the funding database providing a good source of funding opportunities, and the Euraxess newsletter keeping readers up-to-date on relevant opportunities and events.

**Update on EU funding for Researchers**

Following the outcome of the UK referendum on EU membership, Euraxess UK would like to offer some more information on the impact for researchers.

Science is now, and always has been, international. Ideas know no borders, and researchers work together across disciplines, countries and cultures to push the boundaries of knowledge and address the many challenges that face society today, whether these are Climate Change, infectious diseases, or how to address inequalities – within and between societies.  It is important to note that the UK University and research sector is more committed than ever to international collaboration and promoting an open, outward-looking and tolerant environment with strong relationships with our European partners.

The UK Treasury has confirmed that competitively funded EU projects will continue to be funded even if they extend beyond the UK’s departure from the EU, meaning that scientists and researchers based in the UK should continue to apply for competitive funding such as Horizon 2020 grants. This underlines the commitment of the UK government to continue to support the excellent science base in the UK, and ensure that UK researchers can work with their counterparts across Europe. Read the full statement here.

The EC Commissioner for Science, Research and Innovation has addressed uncertainty around Horizon 2020 projects, stating that "for as long as the UK is a member of the European Union, EU law continues to apply and the UK retains all rights and obligations of a Member State. This of course includes the full eligibility for funding under Horizon 2020".  He also urged the European scientific community to select project partners based on quality and stressed that all projects would continue to be evaluated on merit and not nationality.  Full text available here.   

We will continue to monitor developments and communicate any changes that may impact on the mobility of researchers and research opportunities.  If you have any questions, or would like to report incidences where the referendum result has had a negative impact on your research career, please contact EuraxessUK@britishcouncil.org or research@bis.gsi.gov.uk

Further information:
RCUK statement on international collaboration after the EU Referendum result: RCUK

Universities UK have compiled a FAQ section on their website

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Are you a UK Researcher wishing to work abroad?  The EURAXESS Services Network can assist with organizing your stay in another country and aid you in your career development. Search EURAXESS Jobs for current vacancies in Europe and use our funding database for opportunities worldwide.

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Are you an international researcher wishing to work in the UK? Euraxess UK is a wealth of information on moving to the UK, answering all your questions and pointing you in the right direction for further information. The Euraxess funding database, is a great resource for finding research funding opportunities from all over the world and the UK research jobs page is the page to go for vacancies.

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Are you a UK research institution? Join the Euraxess UK network of Local Contact Points who offer hands-on-support for researchers and/or their families. Euraxess UK can assist with news, resources and materials with all services free of charge. EURAXESS UK is part of the EURAXESS Services network including more than 200 service centres across Europe. We adhere to the EURAXESS services commitment.

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