Directly after the Olympic Closing Ceremony, 90 cultural leaders from 32 countries and territories, including the UK, gathered in Edinburgh in August for the first ever International Culture Summit. Delegations met together with prominent artists, thinkers and others responsible for formulating and implementing cultural policy. Discussions took place on the use and value of the arts and the role of culture and the creative industries in encouraging dialogue among nations.

Jonathan Mills, director of the Edinburgh International Festival, said:

'In bringing together such a distinguished and varied line up of leading thinkers and operators across the areas of culture, technology, politics and industry we are reaffirming the key role that culture plays in the success of nations today.'

The event attracted a lot of media interest. Media coverage included 22 print articles, with several in prominent UK publications, nine broadcast pieces and 67 online articles.

After the success of the first ever International Culture Summit we are now discussing the possibility of another Edinburgh International Culture Summit in August 2014, the year of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

The Summit was organised in collaboration between the Scottish government, the UK government, the British Council, the Edinburgh International Festival and the Scottish Parliament