Big Dance celebrated the diversity of dance styles across the country and the world, featuring an array of events, including The Big Street Dance Day, which saw people dancing in public spaces all over the UK.

Wayne McGregor, in partnership with dance groups, choreographers and emerging and professional dancers, premiered a new piece for up to 2,000 dancers in Trafalgar Square.

Working closely with Big Dance and a range of partners in China and Brazil, we took this opportunity to link Olympic Games past, present and future. The combined number of audience and participation at these three events was over 3,100 people. Events in Rio and Beijing were filmed, and then presented on large screens in Trafalgar Square.

The British Council also promoted Big Dance across the world through the Big Dance Schools pledge, which took place on the day the Olympic Torch arrived in the UK. The Big Dance Schools Pledge offered a great opportunity for young people of all ages to learn a new dance inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. A total of 2,480 schools and organisations from 53 countries representing over half a million children signed up for the Schools Pledge. Choreographed by Wayne McGregor, it was a record-breaking attempt for the largest multi-location, simultaneous dance routine. Documentary evidence of participation was provided by 121,000 people from 22 countries.

Big Dance is the world’s largest dance programme. Founded in 2006 by the Mayor of London in partnership with Arts Council England, Big Dance is London’s Legacy Trust UK programme.