As an English Language Assistant there are a few things you would expect to do when on an overseas placement.

Experience different cultures? Yes.

Meet new people? Certainly.

Improve your language skills? Of course.

Appear as a contestant on a primetime Chinese television show? Maybe not.

Watch the video to find out how English Language Assistant Robbie Stanley-Smith broke with all convention and took his immersion in Chinese culture to an entirely new level. You can also read his British Council Voices blog to find out how he came to experience his 15 minutes of fame during his year abroad. 

Robbie's experience shows how much you can do as a Language Assistant working abroad. While you may not appear on a Chinese dating show, you will have the time to immerse yourself in a new country, learn about its culture and customs, and acquire exceptional language skills. To find out more about becoming a Language Assistant, read our online guide to the programme. You can also watch more videos made by current Language Assistants on placements around the world.

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