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Mat Wright

Working as a Language Assistant is a unique and fulfilling experience that will vary depending on where you decide to go and who you teach.

Language Assistants work between just 12 to 20 hours a week, giving you the flexibility to make the most out of your international experience whilst also getting paid!

A Language Assistant's role typically includes:  

  • supporting the teaching of English in an overseas school or university
  • planning activities and producing resources to help students improve their English
  • introducing UK contemporary culture through classroom and extra-curricular activities
  • supporting the running of international projects and activities.

When you arrive, you may also be invited to take part in an induction course.

Language Assistants will not be required to: 

  • teach subjects other than English
  • discipline pupils 
  • cover for illness
  • mark work regularly. 

Any additional duties you may be asked to carry out should be agreed with you before your arrival at the host institution. You should also expect to receive further training upon arrival.